Metal and PTFE Hose

Metal hose is used when temperature extremes, corrosive media, or permeation preclude the use of rubber, PTFE, or plastic hose. Typical applications are found in steel making, chemical processing, paper manufacturing, petroleum refining, and in numerous other industrial applications.   Summers Rubber welders can custom build your metal assembly to the most exacting specifications. We take pride in supplying the highest quality materials. All metal hose assemblies are tested for leaks or defects. If you have any questions at all about Annuflex metal hose, or the availability of specialized metal hose, please feel free to call in or contact us through our website by clicking “Request a Quote” and filling out the short form.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a fluoropolymer resistant to chemicals and usable in a wide range of temperatures making PTFE hose suitable for the majority of fluid and ambient temperature conditions found in industry.  It is FDA-approved for food and pharmaceutical use, and demonstrates holds-up to flexing and vibration without failure from flex fatigue. PTFE will not detriorate in service, has an unlimited shelf life and its properties do not change with age or exposure to weather.